I only have 2 more exams left until I am free of school forever, I've cried numerous times because unlike everyone else at my sixth form I absolutely love it. Our prom was bittersweet and yes I cried at prom (twice to be exact). Most of all I'll miss my friends, It's horrible to think I wont see them all everyday, we'll never play hide and seek in sixth form again! But we have plans to open an English pub in Spain when we all fail our A Levels and don't get into uni!

My new babies

My year 13 prom is two weeks yesterday so my mum and I went shoe shopping (my favourite kind of shopping). The shoes are Carvela's from Kurt Geiger I think they're pretty, think it might even be love.I also got the clutch to match, i'm not normally one for matching shoes and bag but it this case its totally acceptable because the clutch is just so nice, plus my dress is very bright!

Nice things

Just some pictures I saved to my computer today, the reasons being:
1. I'm lusting after a back pack preferably leather
2. I like leather
3. Drool
4. I have a slight obsession with Made in Chelsea (and by slight I mean huge)
5. I'd like a one way ticket to there

I See It In Your Eyes

My purchases from the weekend; Primark cardigan, H&M jumper, Topshop tee and River Island necklace
This weekend was top knotch, two of my friends stayed with me from Norway and Holland and it was surreal but that's a whole other story for a whole different post
I also did apsoluetly nothing for halloween because I have such a busy soical life
P.S I'm obsessed with Cher Lloyd's new song, please don't judge me


I apsolutely love doing my nails, last week they had an aztec print and the week before they were leopard print. This week I stuck gems onto pink and silver glitter nail varnish. My fingers look like disco balls in these pictures


River Island - £9.99

Topshop - £15

Topshop - £55 (I NEEEEED!)

River Island - £65

H&M - £14.99

I am seriously craving these clothes, I'm saving every penny I can get my hands on and thats because I love autumn/winter clothes. In my opinion its kind of a waste of money buying summer clothes that I can wear for about 1 month a year. Winter clothes however, can be my bestfriends for 11 months (I also hate summer, so it's a good thing I live in England). So the moral of the story is that I get excited at the end of August when stores sell winter clothes!


I was just looking back at all the photos on my computer from 2010 and 2009, i thought I'd post a few [1] One of my best frieds Kevin [2] Memories from last summer (the one where there was actual sun) [3] When the new Topshop opened a couple of years ago


H&M pants, sunglasses and tee, Topshop necklace and shoes, Primark bag

I've been obsessed with harems recently. We're in the midst of summer but with the weather in England you'd think it was coming into winter, so as much as I want to wear shorts and vest tops I can't. Harems are the answer cause they make me feel all summery whilst still being warm. On a better note school finally finishes on Friday and I've been saving every last penny so I can go shopping in the holidays.

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The colour in these images is so amazing, i'm obsessed. I used to love black and white and never wore bright colours, but since I started sixth form in September and black and white became my new uniform I've been obsessed with bright colours and the last picture is so amazing, totally inspiring! They're by Tommy Ton from



everything from h&m
Today i took the train to Chester and then to Cheshire Oaks afterwards with my mum. I apsolutely adore Chester, the buildings are so pretty I totally recommend you go! And the last pic is some of the stuff I bought.