I havent been over here in 6 days and i missed you guyssss! now i have done 4 of GCSE's yaaaaaaah! only 10 to go haha. But today was suuuper sunny, like 26 degrees, what?? crazy stuff, just a quick post to say hi!


Anja said...

congrats, and hope you will suceed on your next exams :)

Georgia said...

What?? Only 10 to go? You've done 4 already? Crazy. I've only done Bio.. I'm so jealous of your near completion
It would be mine

Erica said...


I found your blog via teenvogue :) I will keep checking back.

Check mine out?
Classy and Delicious

<3 Erica

{ I V Y } said...

woah 16 in total!
good luck!
great pics and i love the pics from the last post hehee!