ph:me by me in topshop dress primark belt and illustrated people jumper as a bolero
this is a quick one just so i can de-stress from my revision filled head. I just studied mitosis and meosis for so long and now i dont remember which is which, thats suck aha!


rachel said...

I love this dress!
I bought it in a blue/grey colour, and then found out my best friend had bought it the week before so I felt I should take it back!
this is a very nice colour though!
how are you doing? :)
revision for A Levels or GCSE or what?

Anja said...

i love the coral colour of the dress, you look cute there ;)

Zoe said...

rachel: for my GCSE's ahh how scary!

Georgia said...

Biology next thurs? Same. I'm freaking out.
On the other hand, you have a lovely coloured dress :)
It would be mine