I know this picture isnt very clear but im not the best at gimp so please forgive me. I think ive been a bad blogger lately cause i just post sh*t so i will try to improve on that and hi to all of my new followers :D i love you all!


Georgia said...

I love your blog recently! You've started posting so much more, I like that.
This is a great idea, and despite what you say, you've executed it well :)
It would be mine

Anja said...

oh I love the picture! and this h&m top is really awesome xxx

Maris said...

I love your blog and style! I will folow you on bloglovin'. I wouldn't miss a post, haha. :)


Zoe said...

thank you! it means alot that you like my blog and Georgia: I post so much because I honestly have nothing better to do :) hah

Zuzia said...

hi! (i'm your new follower ^^)
this picture is amazing. love your outfit and love your blog.


johanna said...

owww cute cute cute
I'm following you sweetie!

Take a look on my blog http://sketchbooksix.blogspot.com/

and on my facebook

Hope you like it.
Love, johanna

Alice said...

Nice pictures :]

johanna said...

Thank you so much for your comment!
You're so sweet. I loooove the moon! really, gorgeous

Keep following
Love, johanna