GAAAAAAH! these shearling/aviator jackets are the most beautiful things I ever saw, it's a shame about the price tag because on my pocket money i should be able to afford one in 4769132 weeks, but thats the only downside to these beauties! mind you the Asos ones are only about £150, still pretty pricey but the Burberry Prorsum+Acne coast about £1500. My favourites are the Burberry by far!
Which one is your favourite? let me know belooooooow!


Anonymous said...

Well, I think Burberry looks the best, but the rest is kinda nice, too. I can't really decide! ;D
But I don't like asos & I will never ever get one from Burberry! :/

Alice. said...

They are all lovely zo, but i think you should save all that money for birmingham ;) mind you, EMA.

Zoe said...

alice i am not able to save money, did you not realise yet? its my downfall :(